The love encounter between two Souls is, from a systemic point of view, an event where the unconscious of both meet in a dance where they are invited to wake up the memories, personal, family and ancestral patterns of both.

All the pains of our ancestors provoke existential voids in the descendants who often seek, at the price of their destiny, to repair the silences, the hurts, the lives not lived, with the intention of freeing the pain of the clan from the pain that pushes them to its completeness.

Therefore, the Loving Relationship is par excellence one of the biggest challenges of our process of individuation and ascension as human beings.

Every human being has emotional needs and in order to live and satisfy them we create bonds of feelings to receive from others what we actually fail to give to ourselves. For this reason, love relationships begin with a certain fantasy, idealization and expectations, which, even though they are apparently conscious, we end up projecting on the other because we live in a dual reality and have a desire for completeness and evolution.

The approach of Systemic Consciousness in Loving Relationships allows us to identify the patterns, inheritances and the child’s place where we became entangled and thus denounce where we empower the other to become what needs to be remembered, lived and rescued by us.

The future of the relationship, will depend on the place that the person occupies in our evolutionary proposal and on the will that each one has to develop and assume his / her power and adult version, taking care and calling to himself what is his, creating intimacy and trust with the other so that he becomes a companion on the journey, observant and present, on a path of acceptance of the other as he is, moment by moment, with compassion and Love for the process that each one needs to go through and live.

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