Systemic consciousness
Systemic consciousness invites us to develop a broader look at the hidden dynamics of the systems of which we are a part.
People, Nations and Territories
To propose a systemic look at the relationship between peoples and nations in order to reestablish order, the right to belong and balance.
Family Constellations are a systemic therapy created by the German Bert Hellinger that aims to decode and free us from the suffering caused by the imbalances of the family system.
Systemic law
Systemic law emerged from the analysis of law according to the vision of the higher orders that govern the human conscience.
Systemic pedagogy
Systemic pedagogy is a new perspective in the educational realities and their processes. It starts from the phenomenological systemic presupposition
Systemic Health
Understand, through Family Constellations, the spiritual and psycho-emotional perspective of a physical symptom or illness and understand how unconscious loyalties to the family...
Couple Relationships
The love encounter between two Souls is, from a systemic point of view, an event where the unconscious of both meet in a dance...
Systemic Management
Organizational Constellations is a methodology for analyzing, diagnosing and solving problems for companies, organizations and also for individuals in their interpersonal relationships...