Systemic Consciousness of People, Nations and Territories 

United in one heart and one soul

To propose a systemic look at the relationship between peoples and nations in order to reestablish order, the right to belong and balance.

Denounce and reveal unconscious loyalties and rescue the pains of the past, looking at the processes of war, slavery, colonization and racism.

Broaden the consciousness of the human being for a new look, for a new understanding, for a new paradigm of action: from fear to love, from duality to unity. Heal the open wounds of the past.

Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. It is predicted that, by 2050, the portuguese-speaking population will increase by more than 100,000,000, about 335,000,000 people. It is currently the 5th most used language on the internet, 3rd on Twitter.

In the past, it is estimated that about 11 to 12 million Africans were taken from Africa to the Americas during the colonial period. Of which close to 10%, died at sea (about 1 million souls). Approximately 5.5 million blacks were enslaved in Brazil, atrocities and genocide were committed against indigenous peoples who already inhabited the Americas.

Victims and executioners cry out to be looked at and recognized. This pain is in the cells of all descendants and is spied on daily throughout their lives. Today we know from epigenetics, quantum physics and the systemic approach that “the experiences of the past are also experiences of the present” and that “what is repressed causes existential voids in the lives of the descendants”.

At a time when we are witnessing the emergence of this collective body of pain and the extreme of positions and radicalisms, we suggest an internal look at the histories and experiences of our ancestors so that our soul can understand, honor and be free, assuming his individual role in this psychosystemic drama and his responsibility in changing collective consciousness. Heal the accumulated pains so that in the future there are no traces in the relationships of the roles of victim or aggressor, colonized or colonizer, boss or servant so that we can walk towards a conscious humanity and reach the possibility of choosing the path of love and healing.

Taking this conscience, without shame, without censorship, without anachronistic judgments from the past, makes us look to the future and from that understanding and the recognition of the dignity and the price paid for so many human lives, for the destruction of cultures with ancient wisdom and by disrespecting the territories, allow ourselves to reverse this look, honoring, dignifying the past, understanding that ignorance and blindness did not allow us to do better. And, starting from this new place of pacification, of honor, of dignity and restoration of the place of each human being, of each life, of each people, of each culture, of each nation, of each territory, to integrate and allow love return to your place in the center of ourselves and the essence of this breath of life is shown so that we all feel worthy of the life we ​​have received.

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