Systemic Consciousness
Peoples, Territories and Nations
Interview with Maria Gorjão Henriques, on Colonization and Collective Awareness, by the Spanish Association of Family and Systemic Constellations (AECFS).
Hellingerian Philosophy applied to Judiciary Law
Systemic Vision Applied to Law
Humanity’s Unconscious Loyalties
Interview with Quantum Physicist, Consciousness Researcher and Quantum Activist Amit Goswami
Morphogenetic Fields
Impact on Children of Parents’ Divorce
Systemic Law
Systemic View of Mental Health
Alliance between Parents and Teachers in a time of Pandemic
Echoes of the Unconscious
Systemic Pedagogy
Systemic View of Family Relations
Systemic view of changes in companies
Family Constellations – Systemic Consciousness
Be a Man, Be a Woman
The Flow of Love
Systemic Justice: where Love is
Constellations and Health
The Effects of Systemic Weaknesses in the World: Dr. Fernando Freitas with Maria Gorjão
Couple Relationships
Epigenetics and Systemic Consciousness