Systemic consciousness invites us to develop a broader look at the hidden dynamics of the systems of which we are a part, from the family system to the broader systems such as our country of origin or our continent.

This understanding offers a movement to include different areas of knowledge that results in an understanding of the motivations and behaviors so often adopted without conscience, at the same time that we broaden our view, gaining clarity in the spiritual message that is contained in each event of our lives.

This new view of the field of vision about our life makes us more responsible to ourselves and to our interaction with the outside world, providing us with greater balance and well-being as human beings and a more integrative way of living.

theme experts.

Amit Goswami

[Systemic Consciousness]

Jean-Guillaume Salles

[Systemic Consciousness]

Rossandro Klinjey

[Systemic Consciousness]

Rupert Sheldrake

[Systemic Consciousness]