Angélica Olvera García

Systemic pedagogy
Creator of CUDEC Systemic Pedagogy. Specialized and Master in Pedagogy and Teacher Education from the Multicultural University of the CUDEC Group


[Day 1]
14.30 pm - 16.30 pm
Theme: Systemic pedagogy (Sala 2)
[Day 2]
17.30 pm - 18.30 pm
Theme: Systemic pedagogy (Auditorium)


He studied Chemical Engineering at UNAM and Human Sciences at ASEC SOR JUANA (CUIH). He also has a specialization and a master’s degree in Pedagogy and Teacher Training from UNIVERSIDAD MULTICULTURAL DE GRUPO CUDEC®.

She is a historian and systemic therapist in Family Constellations; with a background in Gestalt, Neurolinguistic Programming, Transpersonal Psychology, Community Psychology and Brief Strategic Therapy by G. Nardone, Quantum Mechanics and Relativistic Physics.

Creator of CUDEC® Systemic Pedagogy based on the principles of Bert Hellinger; author of “El éxito es tu historia” (2009) and “Talento Transgeneracional” (2011); co-author with Bert Hellinger in “Transgenerational Intelligence: Sanando las heridas del pasto” (2010).

She is co-author in “Sintonizando las miradas” (2011) and in “Raíces, bonds and wings” (2012).

He has been teaching for more than 30 years and has been awarded internationally.

Provides training in many countries.

He was with Bert Hellinger, since 1999, until his death in 2019.