Jakob Schneider

Trainer and Supervisor of Advanced Training in Family Constellations


[Day 2 ]
09.00 am - 11.00 am
Theme: Constellations (Sala 4)
[Day 3]
16.30 pm - 17.30 pm
Theme: Constellations (Auditorium)


  • Since 1985, in his private practice he has developed seminars on psychological counseling and self-knowledge with family constellations.
  • Conducts seminars on supervision and advanced training, nationally and internationally and in institutions and institutes.
  • Cooperates for many years with DGFS and in the magazine “Practice of family constellations”.
  • Publications: “Family Constellations. Basics and Procedures” Heidelberg, 3rd ed. 2014; “Origin, destiny and freedom. The Unconscious Group in Family Systems and Family Constellations”, Heidelberg 2016.

His first experience with family constellations occurred, in 1982, with Bert Hellinger himself. Shortly afterwards, he held family constellations with students from youth groups linked to the church and in his work with the students he worked with at that time. With Bert Hellinger, you can participate in two more seminars to work on personal issues (mainly Primary Therapy and Primary Guidance) and participated in many Bert Hellinger seminars as an advisor and took several supervision courses. With the personal friendship he developed and many conversations he became familiar with the method of family constellations and Bert Hellinger entrusted him with the work of family constellations “according to Hellinger”. Since 1985, regularly and very often, he has held seminars “Life in Relationships “, in which he works mainly with family constellations. Thanks to years of participation in the activities organized by Hunter Beaumont, International Training Center in Germany, he had many personal invitations and gained international experience, with family constellations, in almost all countries in Europe , North and South America, Asia and Australia At the initiative of Gunthard Weber he participated in the creation of the “International Association of Systemic Solutions According to Bert Hellinger eV” (IAG), he participated in the creation of the organization of the “German Society of Systemic Constellations DGfS eV “and in the publication of the magazine” The Practice of the Constellation of the System “. In addition to some periodic articles, in 2000, he published the book “Ah, good that I know. Fairy tales and other stories in systemic-phenomenological therapy” (together with Dr. Brigitte Gross In Atman, in Brazil); “Ah! I’m glad I know. The systemic vision in fairy tales “); in 2006, the book “The family constellations. Principles and procedures “(in Atman:” The Practice of Family Constellations “) and, in 2016, the book” Origin, destiny and freedom. The unconscious group in family systems and family constellations “(also published with translation into Portuguese by Atman ).

His personal therapeutic experiences with Bert Hellinger opened up access to his own history and helped him in many areas of his life. Bert Hellinger’s work was decisive for his professional orientation. I never wanted to go to the psychotherapy or psychological counseling work area, after his educational work with young people and students, until I met Bert Hellinger’s work. He immediately identified himself and opened his own training clinic for marriage and family therapists. All of this brought him immense joy, satisfaction and trips to other countries. He has an enriching cooperation with his wife Sieglinde, who works as a teacher, trainer and counselor for teachers and schools, especially in individual consultations with figures. They make many seminar trips together.

Family constellations are not a psychotherapeutic method. They serve to help live life, the success of relationships and the clarification of the family past through enlightenment and reconciliation. Under these aspects, it can also have beneficial effects on mental and physical symptoms, even if it does not mean trauma therapy. It helps to see where we are blind or attached to the destinies of others, through our childlike compassion. It helps to pacify the past in one’s own soul, to find new possibilities in the relationship and in professional life through the “recognition of what is” and to fill our life with a new vital force.


Family system and family history – the classic family constellations

In the early 1980s, in the last century, Bert Hellinger developed, based on the experience of some humanist psychotherapists, family constellations, which became known worldwide with this name. Since then, family constellations have been expanded with many variations and extensions to other systemic fields, such as organizations, but not with Bert Hellinger himself. In this lecture, you will share your experiences with the classic model of family constellations and explain why you continue to consider that family constellations best answer the two basic questions of life: How can love be real ?, How far are we? tied to the fate of others in our relationship problems and conflicts ?, What are the structural specifications or orders that facilitate the success of relationships, and how should we deal with our families’ past for a full and successful life?


Based on some concerns of the participants, the classic family constellation method is experienced and discussed. The workshop offers the opportunity to deepen the assumptions of classic family constellations and the way we are often attached to the stories of our family members that condition the fate of many in our families.

Jakob Robert Schneider, b. 1943

Kirschäckerweg 2, 81247 Munich