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Eduardo Torgal

Eduardo Reis Torgal

Couple Relationships
Specialized Coach in Loving Relationships; Systemic Familly Constellations Facilitator; Eneagram Specialist

BIOGRAPHY – Eduardo Reis Torgal

When, in 2004, with the birth of his first daughter, he decided to change his entire life.

His life was filled at all moments with meetings and phone calls, with crazy schedules and energy drainers. The realization that he was far from being the example he would like to be left him with the feeling of being in a dead end. The way out came when he remembered a distressing question that we all do to children: what do you want to be when you are older? In 2004 he chose to spend his life transforming lives.

He is a coach in loving relationships, specialist in several tv shows at SIC television station and numerous magazines about his specialization. He is an Eneagram certified teacher and supervisor, and he studied many years in the SAT program in the Claudio Naranjo foundation. He is a Systemic Constellations Facilitator from Gestalt Institute.

He is the creator of the Code of Love program, a program with a methodology design by him, for transforming the loving relationships dedicated to women, so they transform their loving relationships even if their partner refuses to participate.


Eduardo will bring us a practical, dynamic, and at times funny workshop about loving relationships and their systemic connections.

He will explore the male and female secret codes and how they may be the key to a free relationship.

He will adjust the participants to discover:

What elevates a relationship and what destroys it?

Why do we choose people with the same patterns and how can we overcome it?

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