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Systemic Management
Founder and Director of the Life Alphabet System™


Nikos is the founder and director of the Life Alphabet System™, a Centre for Personal & Profes­sional De­velopment, based in Athens and Santorini. Their programs include experiential learning, counselling, training, psy­chotherapy, and publications on Systemic Thinking, Systemic Phenomenology, Organiza­tional Leadership, Self-Leadership, NLP, Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology, Color Work, Business Mentoring, and Social Entrepreneurship. Their clientele includes individuals, couples, groups, company executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations mainly in Greece & Cy­prus. Nikos is the editor/translator of 40 titles, and the author of 3 systemic books and 7 training dossiers, published by the Life Alphabet Editions.

Nikos has been trained in Systemic Phenomenology Work with Hellinger, Beaumont, We­ber, Schneider et.al. (2001-2007), in Deep Memory Process and Ancestors Work (R. Wool­ger), NLP & Coaching (Institute of California) and in Self-Leadership(University of Santa Monica). He is also a certified Business Mentor in the EU “Early Warning Program”. He co-founded theHellenic Institute for the Development of Anthropo-Systems (EIDAS, 2019) serving as their Vice-Chairman. Under this role, he got appointed as Head of the Hellenic Chapter of ISCA, being also nominated for its Board of Directors (2021-2023).


E: lifealphabet.org@gmail.com  T: 6944-187060

Linked-in: gr.linkedin.com/pub/nikos-m-vagiakakos/25/a42/64/


Leading systemically in the VUCA World

In a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, the challenges for managing one’s own professional life or for driving an enterprise are big and seem to even grow constantly.

How do the VUCA factors influence all that? And what to do?

Together with the participants, Stephanie and Nikos shall develop VUCA resources as answers to VUCA challenges in a vibrant and experimental process.